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    From a tea recipe e-book to the new jam trend, herea��s why this beverage rocks

    LAST year, it was the bulletproof coffee, the brew inspired by the Tibetan yak butter tea and said to make you invincible. This season, magazine editors are excited about the jam in tea pot ritual. We get e-store Tea Trunka��s Snigdha Manchanda to address this tasty alternative to sugar. Plus,A� festive blends from Teabox and Golden Tips Tea show up.

    A perfect gifting option is what everyone looks for this season. And with the most widely used beverage in the world, tea, you cana��t go wrong. Leading tea makers in the country are here with their gift boxes featuring new blends and related gifts. a�?A book on tea recipes will be a welcoming gift for tea lovers,a�? suggests Snigdha Manchanda, founder of Tea Trunk, a supplier of curated tea blends. Year of Teas, an e-book from her, features 12 different tea recipes. a�?They encourage you to drink tea in harmony with seasons, with one recipe each month. For example, White Tea Sorbet for summers and Chilli Chai Truffles for cool days. Wea��ve chosen recipes with universal appeal. In each recipe the tea remains the hero. Tea has a delicate aroma and flavours, so we had to carefully choose our recipes and ingredients. The e-book is available on the website for free till December 31,a�? she adds. Referring to the latest trend in tea consumption a�� adding jam to the hot beverage a�� she says it was practised by Russian families, who mix raspberry or blackberry jam with tea as a remedy for common cold. a�?a�?During World War I, jam was used as a sweetener since sugar was costly. Adding a teaspoon of jam to the tea gives it a different texture and taste. The practice has been mentioned in many pieces by Tolstoy. It is a healthy alternative,a�? she shares, adding that her favourite mix is orange marmalade with ginger black tea.

    Details: teatrunk.com

    Season select
    Santaa��s Sleigh, a stellar
    collection of four teas by Teabox, is a nod to nostalgia this season. It consists of Castleton exotic summer muscatel black tea with tropical fruit flavours, the perfumed jasmine jade tea, Bombay cutting chai and Mim special summer oolong tea with geranium, orange, blossom and jasmine. Included along with the four blends is a ceramic mug. Priced at Rs 1,750.
    Details: teabox.com

    Classic read
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz tea party kit from Harrods is a perfect gifting option with beautifully illustrated scenes from L Frank Bauma��s classic. It comes as a storybook box and contains cookies themed according to the stories, be it Dorothya��s frosted hot air balloon, the Tin Woodmana��s frosted heart, Scarecrow frosted thinking cap and Cowardly lion liquid courage bottle. And for tea lovers, it also features a Stash herbal peppermint teabag. It also has excerpts from the book for bookworms to enjoy. Priced at approximately Rs 3,455. Details: harrods.com

    Breakfast blends
    Another gift that can find a place beneath the Christmas tree is the Holiday Breakfast by Golden Tips Tea, a handcrafted collection of five different blends. Look out for black teas such as exotic Assam summer, Nilgiri breakfast black, royal breakfast and imperial breakfast along with Indiaa��s original masala chai. Also, available are collections such as Christmas Tea, Celebration Teas and Santa Tea Treasure. Approximately Rs 594 onwards. Details: goldentipstea.com

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