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    Well ahead of the monogrammed trend, kidsa�� e-commerce brand The Pipal specialises in tailor-made accessories and soft furnishings for little ones. Look out for their new ranges and a mobile platform.
    One click wonders
    A self-confessed a�?online shopaholica��, founder Abha Mahajana says, a�?You can provide so much variety, and ita��s a time-saver for working parents,a�? adding that a�?we ship country-wide for free, making it very accessible.a�? With work done largely in-house by a team of nearly 40 employees, products range from baby towels and bedding to bean bags, curtains and diaper bags. a�?Adding the childa��s name gives a special touch, and sets our products apart from mass-manufactured alternatives. Every piece is limited edition, in that after 401-50 sales, designs and colours will be tweaked. This is what makes it a premium product,a�? Mahajan explains. The company can also manage the interior design of an entire room, advising on products and making them in line with measurements sent by the customer.
    In your hands
    Popular themes include the jungle collection for babies, as well as the a�?cutie-piea�� range, a funky take on the a�?princessa�� trend, featuring a pigtailed girl wearing a crown, and using a monochrome and vibrant red colour palette. Also new is the denim collection, which includes passport covers and iPad sleeves for high-flying tech enthusiasts.
    A Cinderella collection as well as a a�?back to schoola�� range will be available later this month. The biggest innovation is the development of a mobile app that will allow parents to trial and fully customise designs before ordering. a�?We started online and mobile is a logical progression. Wea��re excited about the flexibility the app will offer,a�? Mahajan says, signing off.
    Rs.299 upwards. Details: thepipal.com

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