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    Shashank Purushotham explores the fluidityA�of gender roles inA�his play, Untitled

    Actor Shashank Purushothama��s directorial debut in theatre, Untitled, explores the internal conflicts of a family as their child grows up to being neither a boy nor a girl. The 75-minute play is coming at a time when transgenders and people from across the gender spectrum are getting more acceptance in our society.

    a�?Ita��s just a good coincidence. All this development came out in media after we started doing our rehearsals,a�? says Purushotham, whoa��s been part of the Bangalore Little Theatre for eight years now and has even served as its president. For last 2-3 years, Purushotham, whoa��s also a TV actor and is set to debut in Tamil cinema, has been wanting to direct. So he looked up the stories written by his a�?mentora�? and one of the founding members of BLT, Vijay Padaki. And, the actor, who likes to do social plays, connected with Padakia��s Untitled instantly.

    To handle the subject realistically, he even got a transgender and two homosexuals to attend the last leg of rehearsals, and got feedback that boosted his confidence. a�?One of them is a female-to-male transgender. She connected with the scenes between the protagonist and her family. It was touching,a�? he shares.

    Ask him what he wants his audience to take away, and the 32-year-old tells us: a�?The play is not a lesson on gender spectrum; it wants to create self-awareness, and to create inclusiveness for all human beings in society,a�? he signs off.
    October 17-18. 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm. At Vasanth Nagar. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com
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