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    Shashank Purushotham explores the fluidity of gender roles in his play, Untitled

    Actor Shashank Purushotham’s directorial debut in theatre, Untitled, explores the internal conflicts of a family as their child grows up to being neither a boy nor a girl. The 75-minute play is coming at a time when transgenders and people from across the gender spectrum are getting more acceptance in our society.

    “It’s just a good coincidence. All this development came out in media after we started doing our rehearsals,” says Purushotham, who’s been part of the Bangalore Little Theatre for eight years now and has even served as its president. For last 2-3 years, Purushotham, who’s also a TV actor and is set to debut in Tamil cinema, has been wanting to direct. So he looked up the stories written by his “mentor” and one of the founding members of BLT, Vijay Padaki. And, the actor, who likes to do social plays, connected with Padaki’s Untitled instantly.

    To handle the subject realistically, he even got a transgender and two homosexuals to attend the last leg of rehearsals, and got feedback that boosted his confidence. “One of them is a female-to-male transgender. She connected with the scenes between the protagonist and her family. It was touching,” he shares.

    Ask him what he wants his audience to take away, and the 32-year-old tells us: “The play is not a lesson on gender spectrum; it wants to create self-awareness, and to create inclusiveness for all human beings in society,” he signs off.
    October 17-18. 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm. At Vasanth Nagar. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com
    — Barkha Kumari


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