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    A trendy hotspot offers a line-up of dishes from across the globe

    The newly opened What The F??! Food and Fun has caused quite a stir for obvious reasons. And it has left a city divided, with half the eating out populace keen to check it out, and the other simply unsure. a�?But rest assured a�?Fa�� here stands for a�?fooda�� and a�?funa��,a�? emphasises owner and chef, Sombir Choudary, who has worked at top city kitchens including Skyye Bar, The Tower Kitchen and Blimey.
    We naturally fell in the curious category, so we headed over to their third floor location. We were glad to find that the interesting name is backed by an interesting menu, and simple no-fuss ambience well complemented by some retro rock music. The bar counters sport hand-painted art, by a friend of Choudary. In fact, the entire place is done up by Choudary and his team, with no outside help.

    Food8Anchor4_tePerfect platter
    We started off with a jalmuri a�� spicy, sweet and tangy, it ticked all the boxes and set the tone for what was to follow. Next came the Awadi murg tikka, succulent pieces of chicken, marinated in a blend of aromatic spices. A must have here is the margherita pizza, that boasted simple clean flavours. We simply could not get enough of it. For mains, we tried the kori gassi with idiyappam. While the idiyappam was light and fluffy, the curry set our tongues on fire. Not recommended for the faint hearted. The magic macaroni had the table divided, as a mix of Thai and Indian flavours in a pasta dish might be more of an acquired taste. The ideal end to our meal, specially after the super spicy gassi was the dessert platter that featured a line up of decadent creations that included the red carpet (their version of red velvet), chocolate triangle, baked cheesecake (our favourite), and gooey chocolate cake.
    Rs. 1,500++ for two. At St Marka��s Road. Details: 9164219997

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