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    Timely shout out
    Director Prasanna Ramaswamya��s stylised production, Shakthi-k-Koothu, will debut this weekend. Pegged on the disrobing of Panchali in the Mahabharatha, it uses the incident as a launchpad to explore the a�?continuing atrocitiesa�� against women and nature, through literary characters and contemporary events. August 8, 9 and 11, at Alliance Francaise, Koothu-p-Pattarai and Spaces. At 7 pm. Details: 9094038623

    Laughter therapy
    Get your comedy fix for the weekend with theatre group Madras Lightsa�� new production, Murphya��s Wedding. Based on an English play, it centres on the day a Gujarati boy and a Tamil Iyer girl plan to get married, and follows the drama that ensues when the groom wakes up with another girl in his bed. Today, at the Museum Theatre, at 7.15 pm. Details: eventjini.com

    ContactIn fun company
    All the way from Delhi, here is Nishant a�?Joke Singha�� Tanwar. With a truckload of jokes and a new mockumentary inspired by Borat, the comedian is teaming up with Deepu Dileepan and Vikram Nathumani for an evening of laughs, Del-Hilarious. Sunday, from 8 pm, at Bay 146, The Savera hotel. Details: 9710976876


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