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    In harmony
    Helping us explore the human bodya��s rhythmic, melodic and harmonic potential is the four-day workshop, The Musical Body. Being conducted by Jean-Jacques LemA?tre, of Parisa�� ThA�A?tre du Soleil, it will help you relearn the bodya��s rhythm and the role of music in theatre. The workshop is open to actors, dancers, singers and musicians. January 27-30.A� Rs 3,438. Details: 28279803

    2Hampi in focus
    Fine art photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta has explored the serenity, melancholy, lines and boundaries of the ancient city of Hampi, in his upcoming exhibition, The Silence of Hampi. Presented by Ganjam jewellery, the event will also launch a limited-edition book, Hampi. Till March 30, at Ganjama��s store in Bengaluru. Details: 080 46671800

    3Tickle fest
    The Pundits have a new show coming out, and it may not be as innocent as its name suggests. Tolerant Republic promises to redefine the word a�?tolerancea�� and entertain you with a�?painfully funny jokesa�?. Catch Vaidhya, Rahul, Vikash PaulA� and the others, on January 23, at Museum Theatre, from 7.30 pm to 9 pm. Rs 300 onwards. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    4Hands on
    Learn ceramic miniature mural making with renowned painter S Portrarasan. At the two-day workshop organised by Forum Art Gallery, in association with DakshinaChitra, participants will be taught to make the murals, then glaze and fire them. At the Ceramic Studio, DakshinaChitra. January 23 and 30, from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Rs 2,500 per head. Details: 42115596

    5Celebrating unity
    Prakrit Art Gallery is organising an exhibiton of around 50 paintings by French artist Myriam Castelli. Titled Harmonydz, it draws on all the religions of the world and celebrates the fact that art is beyond race, religion, caste, language or nationality. Proceeds from the sale will go towards artificial limbs for the disabled. Rs 60,000.
    From January 23-26, at Art Houz,
    Alwarpet. Details: 24992173

    6Faded dreams
    Gallery Veda is hosting an exhibition
    by contemporary artist Sakti Burman. Titled On the Wings of Imagination, his canvases are reminiscent of weathered frescoes, with colours that look likeA�they have paled with time. He createsA�the marbling effect by blending oilsA�with acrylics. From January 24 toA�February 26. Paintings from Rs 3.5 lakh onwards. Details: 43090422

    Hea��s funny, with a great repertoire, and he is partially blind. His favourite quip is: a�?From a comic who never spoke about his lack of sight, Ia��m now one who only talks about it.a�? For his third Chennai performance, he promises to stay away from Bollywood and policits, and talk about things that he a�?cares about, have experienced or really cana��t standa�?. A fun quickfire:A�Tusshar Kapoora��s adult films: You do things on screen that you cana��t in life.
    Modia��s jetsetting ways: Hea��s a bachelor, let him travel. But he shouldn’t speak in English when he is abroad. Use a translator, he can afford one.
    Netflix in India: It will give us more access to copy western shows.


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