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    Story time
    Asariri, an audio blogging portal, is organising an open mic short story reading session, called STOREACH. Entries are being invited from writers in Tamil and English. The sessiona��for a maximum of 30 attendeesa��will kick off on May 28 at Besant Nagar beach, at 6 am. Registration closes on May 26. Details: 9442554870

    Step upA�Dance Workshop
    The Academy of Modern Danse is organising a two-day urban dance workshop. Learn a mix of hip hop and freestyle, Bollywood dance, andA� Bachata (the partnered dance from the Dominican Republic). Tomorrow and Sunday, at the Russian Cultural Centre. Registration (for those 15 years and above) closes today. `600 onwards. Details: 9941106100

    Holy cowA�Cow
    Wondering what to read over the weekend? Try the short story Cow and Company, by Bangladeshi author Parashar Kulkarni. Set in colonial India, the plot follows four mena��s search for a missing cow. The short story has been selected for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2016, under the Asia category. Details: commonwealthwriters.org



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