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Memory games
Four artistes are gearing up to give you a glimpse into their livesa��portraying a faded memory, a memory revisited, a memory erased, and a memory liveda��as part of the play, A Moment of Memory. TheA� experiential performance, presented by Visual Respiration, are based on real-life incidents. On March 21-22, from 7 pm. At Ashvita Nirvana. Rs 250. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

Charity beats
Indiaa��s first professional drummersa�� band, Drum Fighters, is bringing down their latest show. Called Just Beat It, it will feature three drummersa��Elayaraja Percu, Rakesh and Balakrishnan Sridhara��and will showcase an interaction between various genres of music, from Carnatic and jazz to rock and pop. The show is in aid of underprivileged musicians. At the Museum Theatre, from 6.30 pm. Rs 200 to Rs 5,000. Details: eventjini.com

Art for a cause
Shishu Shakthi is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an exhibition-cum-sale, titled An Evening with Art. Showcased by artists from Different Strokesa��an initiative that uses art to change livesa��it features acrylic and oil paintings. The proceeds will go towards helping underprivileged children. On March 22, at Westin, from 6 pm. Details: 9840712901

Comic musings
Judy Balan is out with her third book, How to Stop Your Grown-up from Making Bad Decisions. It is a�?a sassy, over-thinking tweena��s view of the world and how grown-ups are probably doing it wrong,a�? says Balan, adding, a�?My protagonist, Nina, is all of 11 and is full of witty observations and logical questions.a�? Available at Starmark. RS 190. Details: 64550262

Exploring myths
M Senathipathi, one of the founder members of the Cholamandal Artistsa�� Village, is holding an exhibition of his paintings. Titled Modernist Paradigms Nativist Leanings, his canvases draw on the rich imagery and oral traditions of our epics and fables. At the Forum Art Gallery, till May 23. Mondays to Saturdays, 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. Details: 42115596

A Greek retelling
Next weekend, the spotlight will be on Greek myths. Theatre Nisha is premiering its adaptaion of Senecaa��s Oedipusa��a play about a man who is told he will commit patricide and incest, and tries to seek redemption. At Alliance FranA�aise, March 27-29, at 3 pm (weekend) and 7 pm.A� Details: 28279803


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