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    With a new menu, Umami by Bidisha Samantaray and Leonardo Seghi reopens today

    GETTING a new address in Pondicherry is Bidisha Samantaray and Leonardo Seghia��s restaurant, Umami. At Labourdonnais Street, the owners have tweaked both the food and interiors. Samantaray informs us that a restored colonial house has been converted into Umami. a�?I have given it an urban, chic looka��with cool colours, dim lights and high ceilings with wooden beams. So there is this blend of the old and the modern,a�? she says. About the things that went wrong at the earlier Umami, chef Seghi says, a�?Our kitchen was tiny. So we had a tough time catering to 60-70 people on a busy night. Also, I loved the idea of the restaurant being on the pavement, but there was too much dust. Our indoor space was not too private.a�? But the new version has it all.
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    Plenty of new startersa��like crab balls, different types of crostinis and potatoe and olives fingera��have been added to the menu. As for the main course, they have added pork vindaloo, hoisin chicken and vegetarian Thai red curry. For desserts they have coffee zabaglione. a�?We have a space dedicated to a fully-equipped and fun bar, with a large selection of wines, whiskey and cocktails,a�?says Samantaray.
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    According to Seghi, one of Umamia��s signatures is Pollo Ripieno, a de-boned chicken stuffed with bacon, green olives and mushrooms, and served with a demi-glace sauce and mashed potatoes. One of the top movers, and Seghia��s creation, is the cacao ravioli stuffed with Gorgonzolla cheese. A must try is their lemon cheese cake. a�?a�?Dona��t look for the American version,a��a�� he warns.
    At Labourdonnais Street, lunch for two costs around `1,500 without alcohol. Details: 9787748481


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