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    Join the ai???arm partyai??i?? or strike a ‘power pose.’ Hereai??i??s a round-up of terms to familiarise yourself with Yougara cost

    The last time I fell in love with a pair of shoes, it was at a store window in a shopping mall in Whitefield. I had been gazing at a pair of sparkling, crystal
    embossed Italian pumps in forest green with a slim stiletto heel and losing my heart to the beauty of its craftsmanship. As I gazed at the shoes through the clear glass panes, I noticed a number of young girls clustered around the beautiful footwear in the store, taking ai???photographsai??i?? of their feet in gorgeous shoes, which they would later post on Instagram.
    What was interesting about that moment, was the fact that the entire process of choosing a shoe, composing the footwear and taking a snap now has a name ai??i?? it is called the ai???shoefie.ai??i?? The word is now an integral part of the fashion lexicon. A ai???shoefieai??i?? that is posted on Instagram is called a ai???shoestagramai??i??. Shoefies are popular with celebrities like Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner and Sarah Jessica Parker. The fashion world is full of interesting buzzwords that are much loved and compiled by those in the business. Here are some of my favourites …Kylie Jenner

    Hero: I used to associate this word solely with those celluloid demi-gods who take your breath away and send your heart racing with their exploits on the silver screen. But today, ai???heroai??i?? is a word that has a different meaning. As the word suggests, it denotes something that suddenly becomes the point of focus in your range of vision. A hero in the fashion dictionary, is therefore, an accessory that takes your outfit from simple to simply dazzling. It could be, for instance, a bright yellow clutch that you decide to carry with a classic grey skirt or an exquisite silk scarf that you wear around your neck.

    Arm-party: Arm party is a phrase that is used to describe a method of bracelet stacking on your arm. It is all about wearing a jumble of baubles on your wrists, like jewelled cuffs, a watch, wooden bangles, glittering bands, beaded bracelets ai??i?? all worn together and mingled so as to make it look like they are having a fun and feisty ai???partyai??? on your arm.

    See now-buy now: This fashionable phrase is actually a concept created by designers to cater to the need of the customer to see something and buy it immediately. Earlier, most designers and fashion houses would show a collection four months before it was available to customers. But now, customers can buy in-season clothes at once. This attempt to merge the retail and runway calendar has been good for sales as people can buy from a collection straight off the catwalk instead of waiting for them to reach store months later.

    Power pose: Ever since the concept of the power-pose became popular, it moved into the arena of fashion too. The power pose is all about body language and what it communicates to the world. It was believed that if you adopted or visualised a super hero pose before or during a stressful situation, there could be hormonal changes in your body chemistry that would make you more confident. The mantra seems to be ai???Fake it till you make itai??i??. This is ideal for the runways where confidence is key, making a model look poised and self assured.

    Asha Chowdary
    presents a column on whatai??i??s trending in the world of fashion.


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