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    Hilton Chennai is conducting their first Korean food festival, courtesy a visiting expat chef .

    Keeping in mind the large number of Korean expats (over 4,000) in the city, plus popular events like the recently concluded K-Pop Festival, Hilton has decided to host its first ever Korean food festival. And, to make sure everything is in order, they have roped inA�Jun Yeol Kim, Chef De Partie at Millennium Seoul Hilton. Coming to the city for the first time, he has prepared an elaborate six course buffet spread at Vascoa��s. Expect him toA�go back to roots, preparing traditional home-style Korean dishes, numbering around 22. a�?KoreanA�food is usually had by every member of the family from the same bowl. These days, in order to adhere to the fine-dining concept, chefs pre-plate the food. This practice doesna��t adhere to our culture but one has to accept the changes,a�? he says.
    Jun has brought downA�ingredients like gochujang, a specialA�KoreanA�chilli paste, to replicate original flavours at the festival. Therefore, be assured that his standard preparations like theA�kimchi (made with napa cabbage, that is preserved and tightly fermented in bright red chilli flakes)A�wona��t go wrong. There is also the dolsot bibimbap (a variation of the bibimbap) that is served in a hot earthenware and has a raw or friedA�egg on top of rice, sautA�ed vegetables, toasted seaweed flakes and sesame seeds.
    How can we miss the barbequed meat dish, bulgogi? a�?The version which I am preparing is very popular in Seoul that uses pork. Ita��s known as dwaeji bulgogi,a�? shares the self-confessed lover of the pork vindaloo (a�?it tastes almost likeA�KoreanA�pork stew!a�?). Wondering what goes best with your alcohol? a�?Dumplings, of course. Both jjin mandu (steamed) and yaki mandu (deep fried) versions,a�? he quips.
    Meal for two at around Rs 3,600 plus taxes.
    Details: 22255555

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