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    Hilton Chennai is conducting their first Korean food festival, courtesy a visiting expat chef .

    Keeping in mind the large number of Korean expats (over 4,000) in the city, plus popular events like the recently concluded K-Pop Festival, Hilton has decided to host its first ever Korean food festival. And, to make sure everything is in order, they have roped in Jun Yeol Kim, Chef De Partie at Millennium Seoul Hilton. Coming to the city for the first time, he has prepared an elaborate six course buffet spread at Vasco’s. Expect him to go back to roots, preparing traditional home-style Korean dishes, numbering around 22. “Korean food is usually had by every member of the family from the same bowl. These days, in order to adhere to the fine-dining concept, chefs pre-plate the food. This practice doesn’t adhere to our culture but one has to accept the changes,” he says.
    Jun has brought down ingredients like gochujang, a special Korean chilli paste, to replicate original flavours at the festival. Therefore, be assured that his standard preparations like the kimchi (made with napa cabbage, that is preserved and tightly fermented in bright red chilli flakes) won’t go wrong. There is also the dolsot bibimbap (a variation of the bibimbap) that is served in a hot earthenware and has a raw or fried egg on top of rice, sautéed vegetables, toasted seaweed flakes and sesame seeds.
    How can we miss the barbequed meat dish, bulgogi? “The version which I am preparing is very popular in Seoul that uses pork. It’s known as dwaeji bulgogi,” shares the self-confessed lover of the pork vindaloo (“it tastes almost like Korean pork stew!”). Wondering what goes best with your alcohol? “Dumplings, of course. Both jjin mandu (steamed) and yaki mandu (deep fried) versions,” he quips.
    Meal for two at around Rs 3,600 plus taxes.
    Details: 22255555

    —Karan Pillai


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