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    Park Hyatta��s latest festival has Chef Anila��s favourite North Indian dishes

    eeTHE next 10 days at Park Hyatt promises to be a North Indian showcase, courtesy its corporate chef, Anil Khurana, who has come down to the city for a special promotion. Known in culinary circles for specials like chicken lawabdari and dal makhni, the Delhiite manages Indian cuisine at the hotel and has curated a menu for the ongoing festival called Flavours of North India at The Flying Elephant. His kebabs, ranging from the soft galouti kebab to the flavourful chicken tikka, will find many takers, we feel. The humble paneer tikka celebrates ajwain (caraway seeds) that entices the nostrils and spices the dish up; while the rara gosht exudes the flavours of minced spices. a�?I urge you to try the dhaba murgh, bharwan gucchi, Amrtisari chole, and bhutte ki kebab,a�? he says.
    To bring some originality into the flavours, Khurana has taken care to come loaded with select ingredients from his base in the North. a�?I have brought ingredients like chana masala, soya chaap and kachari powder to my kitchen in Chennai,a�? he says, revealing that the trick is to use fresh and hand-ground spices; proportions matter less then! He considers chef Madan La Jaiswal, chef at Bukhara a�� ITC Maurya, New Delhi (a restaurant famous for its tandoor), as his inspiration, and watches his favourite show, Masterchef Australia for new ideas. Trashing usual perceptions of North Indians not acquainted with South Indian food, Khurana reveals that dishes like Chettinad chicken, appam with pepper mutton, and staples like idli/dosa with sambhar are his favourites. a�?You get these in restaurants like Swarnabhoomi and Sagar Ratna, my recommendation,a�? he signs off.

    Till August 14. Meal
    for two at around Rs 3,000 plus taxes.
    Details: 30925910

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