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    Health food bloggers who keep things interesting are the new heroes for weight watchers around the world

    FirstA�Impression – Ruma Singh

    Move over scrumptious all-indulgent food blogs Serious Eats, Smitten Kitchen and Spoon Fork Bacon. These top-rated food websites serve up mouthwatering visuals of food along with yummy
    recipes a�� but all this notwithstanding, my list of must-visit blogs on food has undergone a change lately. Like many other Bengalureans, my taste now also encompasses the tasty with the good-for-you. Not in a dull, dreary a�?boiled-veggiesa�� kind of
    way, but in a way that will make you want to drift into your kitchen and try out something thata��s both delectable and healthy. There is a lot of scope for halo-polishing that comes with it.
    A post or two on a social media health-food group got me thinking about just how many people are dumping their bad carbs and sugar for the good stuff. And online, they are searching for help, guidance and inspiration. Herea��s my mite on healthy food blogsites. And before you grimace at the idea, check them out.
    To start with, therea��s Nom-nom Paleo, Michelle Tama��s multi-award winning website which gives you the lowdown on the latest must-cooks from the Paleo Diet (making its big comeback). She combines apps, podcasts and videos to offer some very tasty recipes using veggies, fruit, nuts and meats like her Spicy Thai chicken zoodle (noodles made of vegetables like zucchini and cucumber) salad. Paleo eating is no caveman-style approach to food a�� just calls for dumping sugar, refined flour and avoiding frankenfoods.
    Though not a vegetarian, I can understand the soaring popularity of vegetarian food blogs: herea��s something for everyone. Deliciously Ella is one that makes you want to really grab that yum-looking smoothie instead of your favourite fizzy drink. Ella, like many others, found her metier when illness made her switch to a vegetarian diet. Known for her great photos and recipes, her blog usually tops the list of popular vegetarian and vegan websites. Then, health coach Laura Wilsona��s Wholeheartedly Healthy has its own set of fans for her prolific range of recipes covering everything from breakfasts and desserts to salads and smoothies. I love her harissa chicken salad with avocado and tahini dressing and her butternut squash smoothie with almond butter and cinnamon powder.
    If you just cana��t forgo desserts, check out Chocolate Covered Katie. Katiea��s peanut cookie bars are a�� get this a�� flourless, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free! And brownie batter overnight oats, anyone? Is it even really breakfast? One step better? An all-vegan award-winning blogsite called Oh She Glows stuffed with recipes like a guilt-free banoffee pie. Sigh.
    Finally, if you have nutrition
    -centred queries (should you eat carbs at night? Must you glug a protein shake right after your work-out? Then Nutritionstripped.com is the place for you. Nutritionist
    McKel Hill has a section dedicated to nutrition myth busting, and I suspect you will be happy to read much of what is said.
    While Serious Eats will likely remain #1, ita��s good to know therea��s a bunch of visually delightful, super-charged health food info out there. Go forth and conquer.

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