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Hoppipola has fun written all over, with its innovative delicacies that come with interesting activities

Remember your childhood days when youa��d scribble something with chalk pieces on your bench while finishing the tiffin box? How about reliving those experiences? Head to Hoppipola, the casual dining lounge at Hi-Tec City. It’s here that you can bite into yummy tacos and sip your drink as you play Monopoly, Chess or Battle Ship. The interiors are equally funky with a sense of comfort and playfulness.

Whata��s inside?
Wooden high chairs and tables in combination of white, electric blue and lemon yellow greet you as soon as you walk in. While you gorge upon the burgers or enjoy your margaritas, look up. You will find bird cages in wrought iron with a bird (not alive, of course) or two dangling from it. The lampshade looks classy too. The seating area extends further where the walls compliment the milky white walls adorned with with decorative plants on it. This gives the illusion of a closed garden area. Tiny semi-circular windows of the place overlook the hugger-mugger food-trucks in the space adjacent to the road outside.

The fun elements
After you finish your food, you can dig into the pockets in the centre of the table, fish out a few chalk-pieces and duster to scribble something the way you did at school. If your friends have kept you waiting, you can have the company of books. They have an interesting collection of graphic novels and paperbacks, though small. And if your group has arrived make the table your playground with games like ludo, cards, scrabble, or monopoly. Girls, pay attention. Open the cute wooden bird-houses arranged on the wall near the bar, if you find anything inside they will serve you Hoppipola shots free. A cool deal, indeed. The idea is to make the guests revisit their childhood as adults. A cool deal, indeed. The idea is to make the guests revisit their childhood as adults.

Food & drink
The fun elements return to your table when your order is served. What is your drink which arrives enveloped in thick white fumes? They have Hoppi Special Drink. Ita��s a cocktail of white rum, orange liqueur with pineapple chunks, hazelnut and pomegranate. And they serve it inside a bird cage with smoke curling out from the bottom. Says one of the staffers, a�?We put a bowl of dry-ice beneath the cage and pour hot water onto it, hence the smoke.a�? You can try Hoppi Bath Tub or IQ, a drink in an electric bulb. We recommend Paneer Sanskari Tacos: paneer with Indian sanskar and OMG which is deep mushroom balls. Also try Crispy Fried Sriracha Chicken Sliders that they serve on a cute wooden slider train. We loved Spring Rolls filled with corn seeds, chillies and cheese with sriracha dip.

Price and portion
The Chicken Trilogy that we tried served well for two. It had tender chicken sticks done in three different flavours and comes in a plate of six pieces. Ita��s priced at ` 215. Fishful Thinking, too, had decent serving. Ita��s also priced at `210. Costs `1,200 for two. Details: 33165103

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