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    High on flavour, low on calories — HWealth Café makes an effort to give nutritious food a tasty twist

    f you like to keep a count of how many calories you consume with every bite of food, HWealth Café at HSR Layout could soon be your go-to place. This brightly lit eatery, with limited seating and an even smaller alfresco, is dishing out “honest healthy food”, complete with whole wheat bread, unpolished brown rice, low-fat paneer, skimmed milk, fresh veggies, and just a dash of olive oil, and with almost nothing with sugar in it. Therefore, all their desserts taste pleasantly nice of jaggery and honey. And the juices are as healthy as they can get.
    Every item on the menu, and that’s their USP, comes with a calorie count, and a break-up of how much of carbs, proteins, fats and fibre is on your plate. So choose from having anything between 80 (lemon tartlet) and 410 calories (herbed tuna and veggies sandwich, or grilled cottage cheese stake platter). We took our time with the menu, poring over names to look for the ones with the least calorie count, and the options ranged from salads, bruschetta platters, burgers, pastas, to wraps, juices, and smoothies.
    We called for the veggies juice detox blend and the triple red juice iron booster blend (this one’s apparently a hit with the gym-goers of the locality). Except for the fact that I found it a bit too salty, the detox blend with coriander can be refreshing. You can even ask the staff to supplement your drinks with protein boosters.
    From the appetiser menu, the tangy grilled chicken ‘n’ sesame salad is recommended. Its citrusy vinaigrette dressing is a winner, and the meat is tender and well-grilled. The hummus ‘n’ farm was a good choice too, but again they need to go easy on the salt. The za’atar tossed cottage cheese vegetable sandwich, served with mint yoghurt, however was spot on.
    Up next was the Mediterranean veggie wrap, with pesto sauce. If not for the whole-wheat wrap, which was tough and slightly undercooked, it would have been a good quick bite.
    All of our disappointments were wiped away by our main course — the lean grilled tangy fish steak served with a garlic and tomato sauce, and accompanied by herbed brown rice, and sautéed vegetables. A well-executed dish, the fish was truly full of flavour.
    We wound up our meal with the low-cal fresh fruit layered dessert; dates, oranges, figs, and carrots, topped with a honey cinnamon yoghurt sauce, this is a lovely way to end a meal.
    `600 (for two). At HSR Layout. 11 am-11 pm. Details: 49653176
    — Barkha Kumari


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