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    Stock up on recycled stands and miniature chalk boards, as Wishing Chair takes their unusual home dA�cor online

    A pen stand made from paper clips and coasters fashioned from keys can certainly quirk up your home. Vivita Relan and Avneet Manna��s week-old online store, wishingchair.in, has all this and more. The two friends come from diverse fieldsa��Mann has a marketing background and Relan was a restaurateura��but insist that whimsy is what drives them. An extension of their two-year-old store (by the same name), in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, the online platform delivers across India and features home decor, stationery, lighting and more.

    Mann (left) and Relan

    Mann (left) and Relan

    Reclaiming ideas
    a�?We thought of the online business as we believe our products should be geographically agnostic. Just because you dona��t live in our city doesna��t mean you cana��t have access to the whimsical products we sell at the store,a�? begins Relan. Her favourites include the limited-edition Alice in Wonderland ceramic collection, with vases and lamps shaped like lopsided tea pots. Whata��s interesting about their products is that they turn trash into treasure by recycling bottle caps and discarded motherboards to make pen stands and coasters. There is a hooks board featuring regulators. They also have elaborate laser-cut storage boxes.

    By the hand
    Most of the products sourced from India (except chalkboards) are handmade by artisans in Rajasthan and UP. They also stock ceramics from China. Relan says they appeal to young women between 18 and 35. a�?Customers like our cute pegs, chalkboard stands and hanging angels,a�? says Relan, who goes on sourcing trips to Rajasthan, UP and Andhra Pradesh.
    Features such as their Wishing Chair blog, wish lists, registry and customer reviews will be added soon to the online store. a�?We are going to add more products like tea sets, faux flowers and journals,a�? Relan says. Delivery is within five business days, and cancellation is allowed only within three hours of purchase. An annual sale is on the cards, and festive promotions are being planned for regulars.

    Rs. 100 to Rs. 2,200. Details: 011 46572121 /wishingchair.in

    a�� Sharmistha Maji


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