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    Chocolates by Earth Loaf meet Jameson Irish Whiskey with a special menu at Crowne Plaza

    TEAM a single origin chocolate bar from Karnataka with an earthy robust whiskey. Thata��s more or less the plan this Sunday as Mysore-based artisan chocolate brand Earth Loaf teams up with Jameson Irish Whiskey to host a unique dinner. It features a line up of dishes that has exotic handcrafted chocolates paired with Jamesona��s best in a seven course menu.

    Shock value
    Part of a series called For Love Of Craft, the main inspiration stemmed from their urge to a�?reframe our conception of chocolate by showcasing its versatility,a�? explains David Belo, chocolate connoisseur and head chef at Earth Loaf. In its second edition (the first was held in Bengaluru), the event promises a whole new menu, where besides whiskey, the chocolate will also be paired with seafood and salads. According to Chef Prakash of Crowne Plaza, his signature dish for the evening will be the chocolate and creole spiced chicken breast served with char-grilled artichoke, confit tomatoes and bitter chocolate pepper sauce. It goes best with a cocktail of charred pineapple, raisins, apricot kernel syrup, lemon juice, a touch of paprika and Jameson Irish Whiskey and garnished with smoked Lapsang Souchong.

    Wine upgrade
    Belo explains how the Single Origin Cacao from Kerala, which is not in the market yet, will complement a Jameson Original perfectly. a�?The bright floral and delicate nature with a hint of wood of the whiskey, compliments the bar,a�? says Belo, adding that the whole idea behind the menu and this unusual combination was to a�?demonstrate the culinary use of chocolate rather than just a candy option for kids.a�? For the past two months, Belo has also begun to mix wine and chocolate, which he feels is more challenging. As opposed to whiskey, it is really difficult to get the right sugar levels for wine against the sweetness of chocolate, explains Belo.

    Jamiea��s way
    Jamie Rath from Wexford, who will be hosting the banquet, is the current chosen brand ambassador (Asia Pacific) for Jameson Irish Whiskey. The 24-year-old got the much coveted position after being selected through an application process which entailed uploading a video on why he was fit for the role. Based in Bengaluru, Rath has been travelling a�?to the far flung areasa�? in India promoting the brand. One crazy adventure that he recalls is in Gulmarg, Kashmir, where he had skied down the Himalayas at around 40 miles an hour!

    Available from June 19 to 26, at Rs 2,999 per head. Details: 24994101

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