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    3 good reasons to shout a�?Jamesona�� this weekend A�

    Tommy-McCready-2Jameson is synonymous with Irish whiskey and to ensure it stays that way are four ambassadors, Irish naturally, in the country to organise tastings, contests and more. Plus, it has the backing of French spirits maker Pernod Ricard, who own the brand. We spoke to Tommy McCready, 26, the Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassador for Bangalore, ahead of his visit to Chennaia��s The Moon and Sixpence, Hablis.

    He is scheduled to conduct a special tasting for 25 whiskey lovers here. In the country for two years, McCready loves how we are taking to the triple-distilled smooth spirit and shares why Scotch whisky fans should go Irish this season:

    1.Ita��s triple-distilled, unlike double-distilled Scotch whisky, and is smoother, great tasting, accessible and not extremely sweet. We only use smokeless fuels to prepare our malt so it is balanced. At earlier tastings it appealed to hardcore single malt Scotch drinkers as well as those who had never tasted whiskey. It can be drunk daily, hourly and does not really need a sit-down event.

    2.Wea��re the first and only Irish whiskey in India. This is an extremely premium product, but we market ourselves through word of mouth and events, not banners. There are Hollywood competitions, one of them being the Jameson Empire Awards Done in 60 Seconds, where participants recreate a movie in a minute.

    3.At the tasting in Chennai, I will present American, Scotch and Irish whiskeys from the same category. There will be a short presentation about the history of the brand, production and key differences. It will be convivial and once the chattering begins, we will open the bar. I believe you should drink Jameson as you like it. For me, it differs according to where I am, what I am doing and who I am with. Given our weather, 30 ml with a splash of water is good.

    The Moon and Sixpence in association with Jameson Irish Whiskey will be hosting a whiskey tasting session on March 29, 7.30 pm onwards. By invitation only. Details:A� 22334000

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