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    These sporty young A�lads make it on their own, despite their celebrity genes

    It is no surprise that David Beckhama��s sons are following him out onto the football field. But when the offspring of actors and singers decide to follow their daddys to fame but on the pitch, it makes for an interesting twist. We bring you a new generation from the football world, with a strong Tinsel Town connect.

    Big daddy
    1302Hollywood2bNot only does Justin Combs also have a father who goes from Puff Daddy to P Diddy and Sean Combs to Diddy, but he is also the senior at UCLA, where Broadus has just landed. Justin is on a full football scholarship and plays as a defensive back. Since joining UCLA Bruins, hea��s seen enough action on the field to rank him as 132 overall. And while most think he got his hotshot father to get him the team, the 21-year-old lashed out saying, a�?I went out the whole summer, I went to all the seven-on-sevens, all the college camps and I competed my b**t off. I made the most of the opportunity. I did this myself. No one did this but me.a�? Hopefully, wea��ll soon see the two partner at games, and perhaps a collaboration between the fathers too!

    Remembering titans
    John David Washington, scion of Denzel Washington was signed by the St. Louis Rams as an undrafted free agent in 2006, after successfully playing college football at Morehouse, where heA�set school-record in his senior year. He later signed with Rhein Fire for the NFL Europa LeagueA�before joining California Redwoods (called Sacramento Mountain Lions). After four successful seasonsA�there, the entire league folded and John quit professional football. But his heart is clearly still in the game,A�as he now plays a jock on the TV show Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson as coach. Maybe his fatherA�could give Johnson a few tips after his brilliant performance in Remember The Titans.

    Living on a prayer
    Jesse James Bongiovi has Jon Bon Jovi for a father, and the music world would have welcomed him even if he didna��t sing! But the Notre Dame recruit went his ownA�way and found a place as cornerback on the squad. While he missed his debut in 2014 A�due to a torn ligament, he is expected to return this year. Describing Bongiovi as a a�?a tough kida�? after he made the team, coach Brian Kelly said, a�?The kids really like him. They respect A�him. They dona��t look at him as a rock stara��s son but a kid that loves Notre Dame and wants to play football and help this team.a�? Incidentally, the team used to play Bon Jovia��s Living A�On A Prayer in the fourth quarter even before the lead singera��s son ended up with A�them a�� a tradition theya��ll surely carry forward now!

    Marley and me1302Hollywood4a
    Nico Marleya��s father Rohan may not be a big celebrity, but the great Bob Marleya��s iconic status gets him on this list. While Rohan was quite impressive on the University of Miami teams in the 90s, Nico known for his speed, tenacity and toughness, played for Fort Lauderdale and made 68 passes last season. Now a line backer with Tulane despite his smallish build, he continues to impress. Coach Curtis Johnson says, a�?Nico Marley is my starter because hea��s active, he can bring it and hea��s a very, very smart young man. I love him. I love his attitude and his enthusiasm.a��

    Snooping ahead
    While his father goes from being Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion and back, Cordell Broadus, has aspirations to play in the NFL. And if the betting systems are any indication, then in a few years, Super Bowl will feature this youngster. The star wide receiver for his high school Bishop Gorman, the number one football team in USA, Broadus is ranked 134 overall and the 13th best player in his position according to ESPNa��s documentary Snoop & Son: A Dada��s Dream, which aired recently. Last week, he signed on with UCLA, despite his fathera��s loyalty to rivals USC. Wea��re sure Daddy Lion is roaring at that!



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