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    HOSTING the evening show on Bengaluru’s 91.9 Indigo FM, 30-year-old Shagufta Ahmed, who hails from Nellore, is a well known name in the radio circuit of the garden city. The music that she plays on her gig and the style of her presenting is a perfect on-air match. When you are in Bengaluru and inching your way through traffic, RJ Shagufta will be there to give you company. Here’s our chat.

    Tell us about your radio journey so far.
    It’s been quite an unexpected journey that started years ago. I started out as an intern at Radio Indigo, because the boy I was in love with lived in Bangalore and I was studying in Pune. I eventually was offered a job by the company and chose it over other jobs in Mumbai because at that time I was a lovesick young adult. The then programming director, Kenny Jones, noticed that I was quite the drama queen and had the gift of the gab, so he encouraged me to come on his morning show for a gossip segment. Eventually I went from gossip queen to having my own mid-morning show, and then moved to the evening slot.

    On air what does Shagufta bring to the table?
    On air Shagufta is herself. She’s got a confused accent and questions everyone and everything around her. She’s an observer and tries to include the audience in her observations too. She’s always looking for perspectives and she’s definitely all about the music. Basically Shagufta brings out the weird side in everybody; it helps her believe that she’s not the only crazy one out here.

    Tell us about your evening drive.
    My evening drive is full of Bengaluru traffic and noise. I try to give exactly what my listeners need — a helicopter and great music. At least I can provide them one of those things.

    What next from you?
    I hope to continue playing music for Bengaluru. I also want to write a book but I do not think anyone will buy it. I’m working on it. In the mean time, it’s The Evening Show with Shagufta.

    See you next week.



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