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    The first time I met Disha Oberoi was at my studio. Shea��d just taken a break from working as a flight attendant and wanted to know how the medium of radio worked. Her interest to join the tribe was visible. She attended my workshop and I noticed that here was a girl who had never gone live on-air, but was ready to take on the challenge. Over the years, Ia��ve seen that Oberoi often throws herself into territories unknown to her. Thata��s when the fighter in her excels.
    When she went on-air in Chennai she was lapped up by the public. The listener suddenly got to hear a fresh sound and loved it. However, though appreciated by one and all, something was amiss. It was like Lewis Hamilton driving a pick-up van. The real taste of a radio circuit came when she joined Superhits 93.5 Red FM, Bengaluru, as a breakfast host.
    Hosting in a new city and on a new day part, Oberoi had to build her listener base once again from scratch. But the listeners embraced her with open arms and today her show is on top of the charts. Her work has also been acknowledged internationally. She just bagged the prestigious New York Radio Award for best breakfast show. The only one from India this year. Herea��s our rapid fire chat.

    A New York Radio Award recipient! Has the feeling sunk in?
    No. Ita��s almost as if I dona��t want it to. I like the lingering effect.
    Is it time to take the craft to another level? TV, maybe?
    No. The mystery land of radio continues to fascinate me. Ia��d like to loiter some more. Besides, my brother always says ita��s a good thing youa��re in radio; it is meant for ugly people. Had you looked better, youa��d be on TV.

    How has Bengaluru been to you?
    Bengaluru has been kind, curious and opinionated like Chennai. Sister cities almost, with their sister like tiffs.

    Whata��s up in the next 365 days?
    Give my listeners 365 kick-ass shows to stay hooked to radio.
    Catch Disha host Morning No 1, 7-11 am on Superhits 93.5 Red FM

    a�� Niladri Bose
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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