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    A few weeks ago, Ia��d written about those who try and measure creative work. When that does not happen perfectly, the least that can be done is appreciate creative work. That seems to be missing in most stations. Presenters and creative personnel are kept on a leash just in case they feel a bit frisky and want to go out on a run. Whenever there is a huddle with the management, you hear the same line, almost like a broken record : a�?You are good but not up to the mark.a�?

    When you hear that coming from an individual whose job is to praise the colour of his/her bossa�� tie and prostrate in front of any senior like a disciple in a temple, thata��s your wake-up call. Professional radio presenters who are continuously on-air might feel like a stagnant pond after a while. Ita��s natural to feel that way and often there are suggestions of dos and dona��ts to help you get back on track.

    For example, in walks the management for a review and they leap across your stagnating pond and tell you that they see a lot of algae and scum. Of course there will be contamination as you, as a presenter, have been exposed to the elements! So what is the way to clean up? That question will then be answered over the course of three days, which will makeA� you a confused wreck.

    Radio stations need to break their pattern of thinking, especially when it comes to managing creative talent. Ita��s boring to sit across a conference table with people who have brains that shrink just a wee bit every minute. Excel sheets with things you had said when the moon eclipsed the sun will have to be presented, along with your star sign, making you feel like a clerk.
    The core is never addressed, training programmes are never discussed and every one takes a ride on that merry-go-round. To my fellow presenters and to the creative work force, Ia��ll leave you with a line from Harry Pottera��s Prisoner of Azkaban: a�?Dona��t let the muggles get you down.a�?

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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