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    Chef Kunal Kapur is back with his TV show, My Yellow Table.

    Chef Kunal Kapur, referred to as the a�?curry and kebab guya�� by food critics, remembers eating at a yellow dining table, with members of his big joint family around him, sharing food, and stories of the day. Mealtimes were for the family, minus TV, and thata��s how it should be, insists Kapur. A household name after MasterChef India, Kapur has several culinary awards, a travel show (The Foodie, comes to America) , a book a�� A Chef in Every Homea�� and a restaurant in Dubai called Patiala by Kunal Kapur to his credit.
    His emphasis on the importance of cooking and dining together continues with season 2 of the TV show My Yellow Table, which went on air recently. On the show, Kapur sets a menu for the episode, invites a guest inside his kitchen, talks to them about their food memories, seeks their help in chopping, mixing or fetching ingredients, and finally shares that meal on a yellow table. This time around, his guests are celebrities. Kapur talks to us about the show, his new food mission, an upcoming book, etc.

    Whata��s on the menu this season?Which celeb guest did you have the most fun cooking with?A�

    Food files

    Favourite ingredients: Chocolate, garlic, and butter. They can turn an average dish around.
    Comfort food: Karele ki sabzi aur roti. I can eat it every second day.
    Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, and ice cream. Basically anything sweet.
    OtherA�food shows: All of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsaya��s shows. I like to check out whatever they are doing.
    A food movie you love: Ratatouille. I cana��t get over it. The movie is all about the tagline a�� Anybody can cook. Ita��s about the struggle of a little chef who thinks he is not good enough, and how he overcomes his shortcomings.
    Next holiday: I havena��t
    planned anything yet, but may be a
    culinary trip to France. Last year, I went to Switzerland and Australia.
    Desi mission: I would like to see
    healthier versions of Indian food in restaurants. Dal makhani and butter chicken are all badnaam (infamous) food, because they are unhealthy.

    Singer Kavita Seth (of Iktara fame) nearly took over the kitchen. I asked her, a�?Do you get time to cook?a�? She told me, a�?I love cooking. In fact, my family members have to force me out of the kitchen.a�? Then there was choreographer Sandeep Soparkar, who taught me the waltz. It was funny; two men dancing with hands around each other. I also enjoyed cooking with actress Amyra Dastur, whoa��s doing a film with Jackie Chan and is training in kung fu. I asked her to show me a move. She immediately took off her heels and did a long kick in the air.

    Ita��s predominantly Indian, like last season, in addition to some Asian and European dishes. But there are three variations to the Indian menu a�� I am doing classics, modern Indian food as well as lesser known ones, such as the chakotra salad from Himachal Pradesh.

    Have you learnt anything from other celebrity chefs?
    In food shows, sometimes you try to take shortcuts. But that doesna��t work. If you are honest and cooking the way a dish is supposed to be, rather than cooking for camera, your food will shine through. This is something I have picked from many chefs. I also appreciate Gordon Ramsay. He is a person who says black is black and white is white, and doesna��t mince his words. Thata��s why his work and restaurants are a huge success. And Sanjeev Kapoor; even though hea��s achieved so much, he is humble.

    A food trend you see taking off this year.
    There will be a lot of focus on healthy food. And people will depend on apps that will let them decide what to eat, where to eat, what suits their body type, and how many calories they are consuming.

    What next?
    I am working on my second book a�� Men Cana��t Cook. Ita��s about how men always say they cana��t cook, and get away with it. If they can go to the moon, why they cana��t boil an egg?

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