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    Comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath is set to perform at Phoenix MarketCity and we get a sneak peek

    Head to Phoenix MarketCityA�this SundayA�as two renownedA� Bengaluru-based comedians, Sundeep Rao and Biswa Kalyan Rath, will be in town to add some laughs to your day with their standup show, Kings of Comedy. a�?Chennai audience is always great. They are classy and not rowdy, and I feel I can crack smart jokes in front of them as they understand them better. Ita��s a different experience performing here, as compared to other cities,a�? begins 26-year-old Rath, who after completing his graduation from IIT Kharagpur, worked in a software company before realising that comedy is his forte.A�a�?I used to write several blogs, but they werena��t being recognised. So I went out and enacted some pieces, and eventually started performing at open-mics in Bengaluru. The sets went well and made me feel that I could do this,a�? shares Rath, who did his first open-mic show in 2013.

    Making it big
    Most people in one way or the other must have come across the Pretentious Movie Reviews, where Rath along with Kanan Gill (comedian) review an old movie and make jokes about all the things wrong in it. a�?It (Pretentious Movie Reviews) was a breakthrough. We received a massive response from viewers, which was pretty exciting. Not sure when we will make the next video, maybe when wea��re bored,a�? he laughs. Talking about inspirations for his jokes, Rath says, a�?It can be inspired by the dog living under my house or my milk delivery guy. If I spot something interesting about someone or something, I use it,a�? explains the comedian.

    What to expect
    Rath, who follows American comedians George Carlin and Louis CK diligently, will be bringing some of his greatest material to the city. a�?For this performance, Ia��m packing in all my favourite jokes, sketches and puns. Some in Hindi and the rest in English. The audience should be ready to laugh a lot and leave with an aching face and stomach,a�? he says. He also points out that social media has been a game changer for the comedy scene in the country and for comedians. a�?It plays a key role in the modern-day comedy scene. If we (comedians) have any recognisable fan following, ita��s mostly thanks to platforms like YouTube and Facebook,a�? he concludes.
    At Phoenix MarketCity. OnA�September 25. `499. Details: 66513007

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