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    Karunesh Talwar on his upcoming act, not playing Pokemon Go and the stand up comedy scene.

    ARUNESH Talwar got interested in standup comedy at a very young age, when his father brought home cassette tapes and VHS videos, a�?of which there happened to be one standup comedy show,a�? he shares. He was 10 years old then. Now, at 24, after winning open mic competitions, writing sketches for AIB and opening for Vir Das, the Mumbai-based standup is bringing his show, Paka Mat Na Mote, to the city this weekend.

    Opening act
    A fan of comedians like Norm Macdonald, Paula Poundstone and Stewart Lee, Talwar explains the difference between two broad categories of comics in the US and the UK. a�?Therea��s the mainstream jumping around, screaming, yelling side and then there is just the writing and talking side,a�? he says. Talwar, whose show will be a mixture of both Hindi and English, belongs to the latter category. a�?Ita��s just going to be me sitting in a chair and talking, with some music at the end of it,a�? he says about the act, which will see him sharing his opinions on life and a�?things that matter to mea�?.

    Politically incorrect
    Talwar feels that the comedy scene in the country, especially in Mumbai, lacks effort, a�?because the city is the hub of media and everyone there wants to become a stara�?. All aspiring comedians are concerned about is a�?putting up their content on YouTube in eight monthsa�?. According to him, giving precedence to popularity over content is never good for a comedian. On the topic of the intolerance debate and comedians facing flak for their material, he says, a�?Nothing bad has ever come out of a joke,a�? adding, a�?In comedy, if you censor one thing, you have censored everything.a�?

    Rapid fire
    Have you tried your hand at the Pokemon Go game?
    No, I havena��t because therea��s no way to make physical exercise entertaining enough for someone as lazy as me to try it.

    What adjectives best describe Trump?
    I think the best adjective is wrong.

    With Rajinikantha��s
    Kabali releasing, any concerns about the turnout?
    I hope zero people dona��t show up.

    At Raintree Anna Salai. On July 23, from 8 pm onwards.
    At Rs 500. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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