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    City-based designer Puja Iyera��s Belle Home, brings a new collection of planters, trays, cabinets and cupboards

    With 10 years of experience in Israel with her mothera��s home dA�cor store, Puja Iyer, 28, moved to the city two years ago and started her own venture, Belle Home. Offering planters, trays, storage boxes, bathroom sets and cabinets made out of wood,A� a�?Our products will give your home the feel of an English countryside home,a�? shares Iyer, adding that she has played around with European preferences like pink and green pastels and floral patterns in her new collection. While her cabinets and cupboards are made of wood, her planters are iron and her bathroom sets, ceramic. She has her warehouse in Valasaravakkam where people can visit to buy her products, and she imports raw materials for the planters, cupboards, and cabinets from China. a�?I also have on offer a new collection of floor mats, dish dryers, table cloths, gloves and aprons which are exclusively exported to Israel, besides being retailed here,a�? she shares.
    Talking about the trends in the city, she shares that rectangular and vertical planters are picking up here. a�?Many people, through word of mouth or experience abroad, have come to realise the aesthetic beauty of European homes and are buying planters, artificial flower pots and ceramic bathroom sets,a�? she cites. When asked about her upcoming collection, she reveals that she is planning on importing a�?small furniturea�? like single arm chairs, book shelves and coffee tables from China and Bangkok in the next month. With a soon-to-be-launched website, Belle Home products can be spotted at exhibitions and at stores like Odyssey, Sama Home Store and Home and Style in the city. a�?There are also two upcoming exhibitions, Vimonisha in December and the one in YMCA next week, that I am looking forward to,a�? she concludes.Priced from Rs.100 for small artificial plants and Rs.6,000 for cupboards and cabinets. Details: 9841034507

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