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DJ Riley Warren promises big bass and techno beatsA�

LA-based Riley Warren juggles presenting a melodic, deep tech show called Junk Mail on US radio with rocking it up on the live festival circuit, clocking up appearances across North America. Ahead of her first tour of India and the Middle East, we connect with Californiaa��s techno queen.

On your maiden India trip.
Ia��ve heard and seen such wonderful things so Ia��m really excited about playing in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. On the days between shows, I hope to get lost in the cities and see the culture, and

hopefully find an animal sanctuary.

Musical inspirations.
Sasha, Metodi Hristov, Doomwork, Olivier Giacomotto, SLAM, Audiofly a�� some of my rock and roll favourites are Depeche Mode, INXS, Duran Duran and Nirvana.

Career highs
Playing at Burning Man in the middle of the desert to a few hundred people who only care about the music. Those moments are pure. Ita��s why I do what I do.

Dream collaborations.
Max Cooper. The guy can make anything, and he makes everything. Trentemoller is another. I just love diverse musicians who can follow their instincts and arena��t locked into any one style.

What can we expect here?
Ia��d love to just rock you guys with

ome big nasty bass lines. I like to play big, tech house, and if it gets really wild, some techno. I have a couple of favourite producers right now, and I play a lot of their new stuff, but I dona��t want to ruin the surprise.

And whata��s next?
Ia��m finishing up two of three original tracks for my label, WA?lfpack, and some remixes. In between that and the festivals, I am really starting to gather some ideas for the collaboration project with Nicolaas Black for our live show, which will unveil in a year.

No cover charge before 9.30 pm. May 9 at Sanctum Club, Residency Road. Details: 30405400
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