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    A�In the drama Beauty & The Beast, the lead actors will have to fight for their love

    On the show Beauty & The Beast, which is now in its second season, actress Kristin Kreuk plays the role of Catherine Chandler. In the series, she started out as a law student, who witnessed her mother being shot the same night she is saved from her mothera��s murderers by a a�?beasta��. Nine years later while working as a detective, a case leads her to an ex-soldier, Vincent Keller, who is long believed to be dead. Now she is looking for her mothera��s killer and trying to unravel who Keller really is.

    Catherine Chandler, or Cat as she is popularly known as, is undoubtedly a a�?really strong womana�?. Thata��s why Kreuk took up the show. a�?I would like to adapt Cata��s persistence and fortitude in my real self,a�? begins the actress. And, while the series has transitioned from being a procedural drama to a mythology love story, Kreuk doesna��t mind the change. a�?I like moving away from the procedure of it all,a�? she tells us crisply.
    Fans all over have been rooting for Cat and Keller (played by Jay Ryan) to come together. Will we see their wish come true this season? a�?The show is headed to a very different direction. The relationship between Catherine and Keller will shift significantly and they will have to fight for their relationship. In the meantime, they are both trying to define who they are.a�?

    The series also features Indian-origin actor Sendhil Ramamurthy in the role of district attorney Gabriel Lowen. He is a constant obstacle in Cata��s life. We asked Kreuk how it was working with the Heroes alum. a�?Hea��s rad. I adore him. He is a committed and hardworking professional. He is so positive as a person. We laughed a lot during the shoot.a�? And when Kreuk is off the sets, ita��s the TV show Transparent (about a dysfunctional family) that has her in splits. a�?I love Transparent for its realism, humour, and bravery at the same time.a�?
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