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    The citya��s favourite expat chef introduces air-fried tofu and Mediterranean fareA�to Residency Towers
    RC Willson, the 59-year-old New Zealander chef, popularly known as a�?Chef Willia��, is joining hands with The Residency Towers to offer his signature dishes for dinner this week. Expect seafood pepper soup, braised aubergine rolls, herbed fish fillets (pan-fried, baked, grilled, steamed or roasted), among others.
    a�?I will be cooking one of my favourites, risotto bisque with king prawns, tapping into Chennaia��s love for seafood and rice. It combines the butter and Parmesan of the risotto and garlic-grilled prawns fresh from the ocean,a�? informs Willi, who has been in Chennai for 14 years and owns Chef Willia��s Restaurants and Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
    With an a la carte menu that includes baked mushrooms in cream and wine, pasta squares with smoked chicken and desserts like panna cotta and sticky date toffee pudding, Willi says hea��ll be serving another favourite, the air-fried Cajun spiced tofu. a�?Air-frying is the domestic equivalent of our commercial combi-ovens. I like the texture that tofu gets from the air-fryer, and I use my favourite pumpkin to offset the spices,a�? he says. Willi adds that he dislikes it when chefs use fancy names for dishes. a�?Having a fish grenobloise means nothing to guests unless they are told that it is pan-fried with lemon, butter, capers, parsley and lemon segments,a�? shares the chef, who is currently associated with Jonaha��s Meets Chef Willi (Alwarpet) and Jonaha��s Goes Fishing with Chef Willi (Palavakkam).
    At The Crown, till April 17. From 6.30 – 11 pm. Meal for two from Rs 2,500 plus taxes. Details: 9840046630.
    a�� Lalitha Ranjani


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