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    Oliea��s new line captures the essence of water and its human connect

    ILLUSTRATOR-turned-designer Amrita Nambiar launches a new collection of her home decor label, Olie for the Autumn Winter season. Translating to a�?lighta�� in Tamil, Olie uses a creative mix of export quality cotton and natural banana and hibiscus fibres.
    Fluid dreams
    The new collection is inspired by water and its connection to the human race. a�?I have always been fascinated with seas, rivers, lakes, waterfalls and rain and mana��s dependence on water,a�? Nambiar shares. Look out for table runners, cushion covers, table mats and lamps segmented into the Rain Dance and Koi Cloud collections. The colour palette is strong on pastels, paired with classic checks, polkas, lace and natural fibres, for a chic, whimsical feel. The Rain Dance line features droplets of serene turquoise blue set against calm grey with deep orange clouds and off white florals.
    The Koi Cloud range is a blend of pale greens, coral and russet on prints that include koi, leaves and lotus, actually a nod to the balance of life maintained by the koi fish, which purifies the water it inhabits. The lamps are completely customisable with Nambiar encouraging buyers to mix and match fabrics, designs and shapes to suit their personal tastes.
    Au naturale
    Nambiar works with artisans from small hamlets around Karnataka for her natural fibres. This particular collection sees a lot of hand-braided and hand-rubbed banana fibres. The little tie-ups in all cushion covers are crafted from hibiscus fibres. The prints are all hand-done in Chennai, with the dyes carefully concocted by Nambiar herself. a�?We are very particular about the colours we use as that is one element that defines Olie. Our colours and combinations are quite unique,a�? she explains.
    Currently available at The Purple Turtles in Indiranagar, the new collection will be showcased at Rain Tree on November 27 and 28.
    `875 upwards.
    Details: olie.co.in
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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