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    The Residency’s seafood festival has Chef Shanmugam whipping up a few signatures.

    WITH a chef like S Shanmugam on board, one cannot go wrong. His experience of over 40 years will make all the difference at Chin Chin’s first sea-food festival, for The Residency has turned to their consultant chef to curate a special menu. The daily catch of the hotel will be transformed into specials like paper-wrapped fish (marinated fish wrapped in butter paper and pan fried), Singaporean black pepper fish, and more.
    If you have a fondness  for crustaceans, then the spicy king prawn dusted with panko crumbs is a good option. For a lighter indulgence, try the steamed minced prawn balls served inside hot spinach dumplings.
    Another special to look forward to is the chrysanthemum squid, which is served with a sweet and spicy sauce, and a minced porcupine fish that is sprinkled with rice and served steamed with black pepper sauce.
    “It’s a given that when such festivals are conducted, we are required to offer something new to our diners,” admits Shanmugam. Hence he is banking on his  creations like the watermelon seafood soup (served with jasmine flowers) to make all the right noises. Eggetarians can have a go at the fuyung seafood bowl with egg white. At the end, desserts like stuffed lychees with chocolate sauce will leave you satisfied.

    Till July 23. From Rs 1,500 for two. Details: 28253434

    — Karan Pillai


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