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    Melissa Benoist on Supergirl and her power suit

    Actress-singer Melissa Benoist has always been a sci-fi fan, so getting to play Kara Danvers, the equally powerful cousin of Superman from the Krypton planet, on the Supergirl series is a a�?dream come truea�?.The 27-year-old former Glee actor tells us more about Supergirl, which won the New TV Drama award at Peoplea��s Choice Awards 2016, and is set for its Indian preimere on Monday.

    Your first time with the Supergirl suit.
    I felt like I was on top of the world. Ita��s impossible not to feel this internal shift of strength and bravery. When I put it on, therea��s a transformation almost to the point where I dona��t recognise myself.

    What do you like about it?
    I grew up as a dancer, so the costume feels like the leotard and tights that I wore when I was a ballerina. Whata��s impractical is the fact that mine has a corset, which is sometimes a pain.

    Did you try to bring some grace from your background as a dancer to the stunts?
    Of course. When you look at Superman, hea��s a very solid character a�� but I like the idea of bringing fluidity to Supergirl, and a sense of femininity to her strength.

    Comic books you enjoyed as a kid.
    I wasna��t much of a comic book reader until I started college. I loved Michael Keaton as Batman, though. I grew up on those movies.

    Favourite superhero TV show.
    I quite enjoyed Lois & Clark.

    Dean Cain, who played Superman in Lois & Clark, is your father in Supergirla��
    Ita��s crazy. He is such a nice guy, too. I couldna��t be more blessed.

    Would you agree that Supergirl is a story about identity and being comfortable with your power as a woman?
    Women are complicated, multi-faceted creatures. We are flawed and thata��s one thing that I love about Kara. She is constantly messing up. It just shows that no one has it all figured out.Premieres on July 25. 10 pm on Zee CafA� and Zee CafA� HD
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