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    Arti, Mayuka, Ekta, Vimmi Deepak, Shilpa, Shahnaz, Venkata Lakshmi

    Sanjay Pinto, Dhananjayan, Tapsee, Nadia at the JFW event

    Womensa�� Day might have been two weeks ago, but the focus this week continued to remain on the ladies. Or maybe ita��s something about the month of March. The FICCI ladies organisation hosted an awards ceremony honouring women achievers, mainly from the fields of business and social work. It looks like they waited for all the madness to die down before they rolled out the red carpet. The impressive gathering included heavyweights from various arenas, on stage, in the audience and on the runway. Complementing the ceremony was a fashion show where FLO members like Vimmi Deepak, Arthi Bagdy, Surekha Kothari as well as Chairperson Mrinalini Dhanesh Maher showed off exclusive pieces by VBJ.

    JFW Magazine, instead of their annual awards, hosted a high-powered womena��s summit, a�?March for Changea��. Speakers included iconic women from different fields, and despite being on a serious note, the event saw loads of humour from the panellists. Celebrating their third anniversary the very same day was bridal magazine Wedding Vows, opting for a masquerade party at The Park Pod. Youa��ve got to love commitment to the theme, and our hosts went all out. Instead of making the guests work too hard, they kept things

    Arun Vijay with Aarthi at the Wedding Vows event

    Arun Vijay with Aarthi at the Wedding Vows event

    light and easy, allowing for people to mingle.

    Masks were handed out at the door, giving couples the red carpet a�?photo-opa��, or they could choose the more dramatic Venetian option

    indoors. The dA�cor, whether intentional or not, was sort of a cross between Vegas and a�?Phantom of the Operaa��. It was an interesting mix of people, from actors and photographers, to several of the citya��s leading wedding planners.

    Meanwhile, at the much anticipated premiere of Santhosh Sivana��s Inam, everyone from actor Siddharth to Lekha Washington turned up to support the director and cinematographer. A saga about the orphans in Sri Lanka, it left everyone with much to think about.

    -Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)


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