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    Learn 15 languages at the specialty lab in Auroville

    THERE is more to learning a language than mere communication. That is the highlight of the Language Lab that promotes the Tomatis Ear Re-Education Therapy that was developed by a French ENT doctor and researcher, doctor Alfred Tomatis and his wife Lena. It is used for Language Learning (a cross-nation, cross-University EU study showed it reduced the time taken to learn a language by half). It claims to work by exercising the muscles of the middle ear to stimulate the brain. The lab offers more than 50 languagesa��with English being a constanta��Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit and Spanish are also available, along with French, German, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin IMG_2062Chinese. Tapas Desrousseaux and Mita Radhakrishnan, both Aurovilians, run the lab. The duo also plan to organise a fun Tamil intensive course and a Russian class for beginners.A� These classes take place thrice a week for three weeks. The teachers are mostly Aurovilians or newcomers who want to join Auroville or experience the community. As for participants who attend the classes, most of them are from mixed nationalities. a�?An English class at the Lab for instance, could have a policeman from Pondicherry interacting with a Russian doctor or a Chinese school teacher,a�? explains Radhakrishnan. The classes usually accommodate five to six people and the duo plan to shift to a new building by the end of November. a�?It will integrate the activities of the Language Lab and the Alfred Tomatis Centre,a�? she says.
    At the Language Lab, the registration, renewed monthly, is Rs 1,250 per month. The Tomatis programs cost Rs 570 to Rs 750 per hour.Details: aurovillelanguagelab.org, 0413 2623661

    Mrinalini Sundar


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