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    A priest packs a surprise, an airhostess provides some comic relief and a desi take on the First Kiss video

    Church surprise
    Father Ray Kelly, of Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, stunned guests and the bride and groom, Chris and Leah Oa��Kane, at their wedding earlier this month. Instead of a usual wedding sermon, he treated the couple to a fantastic version of 1984 classic, Hallelujah. With personalised lyrics and the video (Original Big surprise for Bride and Groom…Chris and Leah) getting over 29 million hits, wea��re sure Father Kelly will be a hit at weddings henceforth.

    Flight entertainment
    Sassy airhostess Marty Cobb of Southwest Airlines makes sure the entire flight is listening to the mandatory safety instructions, by introducing her crew as her a�?ex-husband, new boyfriend and their divorce attorney.a�� With references to seat belts being slung low like her a�?grandmothera��s braa��, Cobb takes it up a notch by telling the passengers to complain about service only after landing but that the crew will happily complain about the guests if needed! Kiss and dona��t tell

    A tongue-in-cheek mockery of the society we live in, this one parodies the recent video that saw twenty strangers kiss for the first time. The Indian version, made by Torture Talkies, features the most awkward scenarios including the typical bai from Mumbai coming face to face with Sahab Ji for a kiss, while two men are chased by the police and a couple continually kiss the images of each rather than doing it for real.

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