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An underwater workshop, and an Android app classa��this weekend is all about learning something new


Warm water therapy
Quiet Healing Centre in Auroville is organising an intermediate course for adults that will teach them Ai Chia��aA� water movement and relaxation programme in water and Liquid Flow essence,A� aquaticA� bodywork in warm water. The courseA�will be conducted by Dariya and Daniel. At Quiet Healing Center, Auroville, till February 5,A�from 9 am onwards. Details: 9488084966


Fashion forward
Lilith Fashion School in Pondicherry is organising a two-day event to showcase the latest fashion creations, drawings and designs of students. Pizzas, snacks, juices and tea will be available. At the Unity Pavilion, tomorrow, from 6 pm onwards. Free entry. Details: 9786236608


Get smart
Learn more about the Android app at the one day international workshop, Iwaad 2014. Organised by Pondicherry University, this workshop helps students learn more about the development and programing of the software. SnacksA�and lunch tokens and stationery willA�be provided. At Pondicherry University, tomorrow, from 9 am to 5pm.A�Participation fee for students starts from Rs 200. Details: techevent.in


Portray divinity
Auroville is organising an exhibition by Pondicherry-based Kranti Cheon, who specialises in oil painting. The exhibition is based on the theme Indian Divinity and the works include Saraswati in the Forest, The Radha Krishna Leela and more. At the Tibetan Pavillion, today, from 9 am onwards. Details: 0413 2622571


Voice manipulation
Yoga Nadopasana, in Auroville is organising singing classes that stress on meditation and voice modulation. Taught by Bruno Rocca-gardella from Pondicherry, the classes focus on the discovery of sounds through the scale of chakras and carnatic raagas like Bhairav. Details: 9787637893

Penny post
DakshinaChitra is organising a one-day workshop for children called Penny Wisea�� Mint Your Own Coins (coins of Chola and Pallava Period). The workshop will cover topics like the history of the coins and how the barter system was substituted by coins in trading. At DakshinaChitra. Details: 24918943

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