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Get in shape with some dance moves and acroyoga. Also squeeze in an office outing andA� make time to count stars

Stretch therapy

Stay healthy and relaxed with the Acroyoga classes at Arka Multi Purpose Hall, Auroville, every Sunday. You will get to learn different styles of yoga, like ashtanga, and also learn acrobaticsa��a greatA�way to become flexibile. Following the class,A�you can surrender to a relaxing Thai massage.A�From 8 am to 10 am. Details:0413 2622704

Office treat

Is a team outing long overdue? A�VGP Universal Kingdom could be A�the perfect venue. Their a�?Office Outinga�� packagea��for a group of 25 peoplea��includes food, amusement park rides and an exclusive dining space. For `515 per head. Details: 9282150077

Shake a leg

One of the oldest dance schoolsA�in Chennai, John Brittoa��s Dance Studio has opened a new branchA�in Old Mahabalipuram Road.A�They have classes for zumba, fitness, salsa and a specialA�a�?mom and mea�� class. They also have tie-ups with international trainers. The new batch starts from tomorrow. Their mainA�branch is in Nungambakkam.Details: 28207561

Star struck

Astrology enthusiasts are invitedA�to learn the basic tenets of astrologya��including star signs, house positions,A�placement of planets and morea��for free at the Auroville Retreat this Saturday. The workshop will endA�with an evening of star gazingA�to identify some of the zodiacA�signs and planets. Join in the interactions and discussions.A�At 9 am. Details: 0413 2622571

Temple adventures
ecr4aCheck out some of G Rajana��s drawings and sketches on canvas,A�at DakshinaChitra. The artist focusses on temple architecture. With a diploma in film technology, Rajan is a freelance artist who is inspired by Shilpa Shastra, aA�subject that deals with Hindu texts. The exhibition, titled Traditions,A�has 20 canvases. Till the end ofA�the month. Details: 24918943

Chew on this

Bringing mock meat back on the table, the three-month-old restaurant, I FakeA�on Old Mahabalipuram Road has Kabul murg tikka, mutton sekh kebab, jhinga tikka and more in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. The restaurant follows a black and white conceptA�that is applied even to the servewareA�for differenciation. A meal for twoA�costs RS. 500. Details: 9677000666

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