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With Zorbaa��s second outlet opening, hot yoga and customised therapy are gaining popularity in the city

yoga1Ten months ago, a 22-year-old boy and his yoga mastera��a rishi from Haridwar known only by the moniker a�?antim gurua��a��began a yoga studio that has since grown so much in popularity that they started their second outlet just over two weeks ago. Zorba, a renaissance studio, practises yoga that is geared to results. a�?We believe that yoga is not just about meditation, sadhanas and asanas; it is a mixture of everything, including mental exercises (being aware of your actions), that will help improve your way of life,a�? begins Sarvesh Shashi, the founder, explaining that the main focus of the centre is therapeutic yoga.



With over 14 different styles of yoga to choose from, six courses (including weight loss) and eight therapies, Zorba (Greek for a�?live each daya��) has something for everyone. And since its inception, it claims to have helped patients with ailments like cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes to lead a healthier life. a�?We had a client who came to us with a white blood cell count of 900. Within two weeks of following our regimen, her WBC rose to 4,000. We dona��t claim to cure cancer, but with yoga we help to strengthen the body and give you positive energy for a better standard of living,a�? says Shashi, who has been a student of the guru (who came to Chennai five years ago) from the age of 17. And he believes the studioa��s secret is the differences in their techniques. a�?The order in which we do things, like pranayama for example, is different and much more effective. Our techniques come from Guruji who has been practising yoga for over 15 years and has a mastera��s (degree) in human consciousness and alternative therapy from the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in Haridwar,a�? he informs.
Benefits of hot
Also helping set themselves apart are a�?trendinga�� therapies like hot yoga. Performed in a heated room, it has a huge following for its weight loss and detox benefits. a�?We are the first in the city to introduce hot yoga. Next up, we plan to bring in doga (in association with Pets 101), which is said to strengthen the bond between owner and pet,a�? says the cricket enthusiast who has toured with the Rajasthan Royals, to help the team practise at the nets. But Shashi, who launched his second outlet with entrepreneur Karthik Reddy (of Essentuals), is especially proud of their initiative, Evolve, a programme he describes as a transformative process. a�?We help you tackle everything from confidence issues to a short temper with a six-day strict regimen crafted by Guruji,a�? he says, insisting he cana��t reveal too much because it is their USP. Employing only trainers who have a masters in yoga and a diploma in alternative medicine, Zorba also prides itself on the individual attention it gives all its students (not more than 14 per session), something which has won it a lot of celebrity clients, like art director Thotta Tharani, Radhika Sarathkumar and actor Kishore.
Evolve (Rs.6,000 for six days), Calorie Crusher (Rs.4,000 a month), customised packages (Rs.1,500 onwards). From 6 am to 8.45 pm. Details: 9003096902


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