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A former cricketer creates the ticket to dynamic fitness

Tapping into the evolution of society into a health conscious one, former IPL player Sahil Kukreja has launched Fiticket, a different kind of fitness membership. With it you have access to your citya��s top gyms and fitness classes in your city, which means you can pick sessions at different locations. a�?We noticed that monotony is a major reason for people to get demotivated from their workouts. Convenience and awareness are two other factors that come into play when someone is looking to pick a regime,a�? says Kukreja, adding that Fiticket offers over 150 activities, plus has an app for easier access. a�?A user can browse and book their classes via the smartphone app, and then even get directions to the class,a�? shares the former Kings XI Punjab player.
From basic activities like using the gym and swimming pool to group exercise classes for yoga, zumba, pilates, crossfit and spinning, they aim to cover all kinds of activities which classify as a workout. So even if you cana��t bring yourself to run on a treadmill or follow a yoga instructor, perhaps a dance class (salsa, jazz, contemporary, tango and Kathak too) might do the trick. a�?We even have mixed martial arts which includes kickboxing, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Kalaripattayu, Judo and Tai Chi. We are here to create a fitness revolution. We try to make it convenient to achieve your fitness goals,a�? explains the 30-year-old who credits the vast range of offerings for the popularity of the app. a�?So far, the response has been great. Research shows that doing different forms of exercise provides better results in terms of calorie burn and fat loss as compared to doing the same activity repeatedly. Therefore, people are enjoying the variety and the results!a�? he adds.
Dona��t shy away from the app even if this might be your first time consciously working out, because Kukreja assures us that it is the perfect initiation process, as you can join a class that suits your level of existing fitness rather than join a session for pros and lag behind. a�?Fiticket is a great tool for first time users and people who arena��t very fit. We also have fitness advisors at Fiticket who can help them with picking the appropriate level of workouts,a�? Kukreja shares.
And if youa��re still not convinced, head off to one of their more exotic and less heard of sessions such as aerial yoga, surfboard workouts, Capoeira or Kokwa and TRX. Currently servicing mostly Mumbai and Bengaluru, Kukreja has his eyes on Pune and Delhi too. a�?We plan on making Fiticket a holistic fitness experience. Apart from fitness activities, we already have on board nutritionists who provide diet consultations. We look at adding more of such facilities to our packages,a�? he signs off.
Details: fiticket.com
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