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    On the go

    When I travel, I always pack my workout clothes (the current favourite being Nike). I take along my skipping rope (for a quick cardio workout) and my resistance band, which you can hook up anywhere and get in some strength training.

    At the gym
    I hit the gym and go for my dance classes (at the World Dance Centre in Andheri) every day—a total of three hours. At the gym, I mix things up: from targeted weight lifting for the back or arms to functional training and callisthenics. On Sundays, I take it easy—going for a walk or a swim as those are more relaxing. I also do Pilates, to strengthen my core, as I am putting my body through so much. You must see my Instagram page. I’ve started posting videos as I want to inspire people to get fit—especially girls because many of them believe they don’t have the strength to do things
    like pull ups.

    Cannes schedule
    I am looking forward to my second Cannes outing. This time, I want to spend at least a week there. Besides the screening of my film, Masaan—which explores a father-daughter relationship, the desire of small towners to escape their life, and a young girl’s curiosity about sexuality and boys—I also want to catch as many premières as I can. I want to go shopping, see the sights and hit the beaches, too. Meanwhile, I am very excited about Cabaret. I have to give it to Pooja Bhatt, who’s only seen me in films like Gangs of Wasseypur (GOW)—from that she thought I was capable of playing a glamorous dancer. I mostly get roles of a particular kind, so in a way, she was a saviour. The character is not a very gutsy one and it was almost like playing a triple role—there are so
    many shades.

    Plateful of goodness
    The funny thing is, nowadays I am eating a lot! Since I am working out so much, my body needs the extra fuel to function. It’s almost like having two jobs: I have the normal meetings and narrations, and then there’s my dancing and workout. So I have increased my intake of carbs—I eat a lot of rice and indigenous grains like rajgira (amaranth), with which I make pancakes and porridge. I’ve turned vegan (it suits my body, I’ve never felt healthier) and my diet is gluten free. I also eat a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits. To hydrate, I down plenty of water, lemon juice, coconut water, soy milk and green tea with honey. And when I go for shoots or travel abroad, I always carry dried fruits, nuts and cheese slices (her only vegan cheat) to keep up my energy. I’ll be taking my stash to Cannes, too, because I remember the last time, after GOW’s four-and-a-half hour screening, I was so hungry. Since I’m vegetarian, food was tough to come by.


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