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    SAloni Shah is not your typical gym owner. Petite and perfectly turned out in skinny jeans and a well-cut denim top, the 24-year-old, with a degree in fashion communication from Singaporea��s Lasalle College of the Arts, looks like she should be at a design house rather than surrounded by treadmills and dumbbells. But the young entrepreneur and yoga enthusiast has a vision that combines all her passionsa��Revive, a wellness lounge, where fashion meets fitness. a�?Wearing pretty clothes isna��t enough. Nor is just losing weight. Now, people want to get fit, update their wardrobe and present a stylish and confident front to the world,a�? begins Shah, who previously worked as a merchandiser for an online fashion store. And helping them do that is her 10,000 sq ft centre in Kilpauk which incorporates a gym, a spa and an image consultancy service.
    Do it right
    The gyma��with an emphasis on space (4,500 sq ft) and high-end equipment (US brand, Star Trac)a��offers the staples like cardio and strength training, but with a twist. a�?A workout should not be monotonous and must increase flexibility and endurance, besides enabling weight loss. So our customised weekly programmes will include yoga, Zumba and boot camps, alongside regular gymming sessions,a�? explains MI Asharudeen, the resident physiotherapist and yoga instructor. They also provide sports and agility training (a�?sports people like pole vaulter V Surekha train herea�?), rehabilitation and strengthening for people undergoing arthroscopic surgery, and pre- and post-natal workouts for new mums.
    Unwind centre
    Up a short flight of stairs, and you are in Qualia, the spa offering therapeutic massages (Balinese to Swedish), facials, wraps and scrubs. This is also where Shah practises her craft. a�?I named the spa after Dualist Inquirya��s song by the same name, which means a�?the way we perceive the same things differentlya��,a�? she says, adding, a�?After a pampering session (a�?with high-end natural products sourced from India and abroada�?), clients can come for an image consultation. I’ll begin with a lifestyle and body evaluationa��where I will also work with the personal trainer to address problem areasa��before helping them understand the colours that work best with their skin tone and silhouettes that flatter (done over at least three sitting, each costing `2,500). I will also take them on a personal shopping experience.a�?
    But plans for Revive do not stop here. Later this year, you can expect an open terrace lounge serving seasonal organic fresh fruit juices and protein shakes, and a vitamin D deck, where you can catch the rays between 6 am and 9 am.
    Memberships at Revive gym (6 am to 9.30 pm) start from `3,000. Treatments at Qualia (9.30 am to 8.30 pm) from `1,500. Details: 26440705
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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