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    Evama��s Happy Cow introduces children to pottery and shadow play this summer

    After last yeara��s success, Evam is ready with its second edition of Happy Cow, a part of their Summer Campus workshops for children. From storytelling and theatre to pottery and body movement, they have it all. Designed by Karthik Kumar and Sunil Vishnu, the creators of Evam, these workshops are only for gated communities and schools. a�?We have recieved requests from schools and building associations to take classes,a�? begins Kumar. a�?We plan to have five-day workshops for four hoursA� each and can organise different workshops based on what our clients requires,a�? he adds.

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    Offering a host of activities, Happy Cow is for children aged five to 15, and is on till the end of May. a�?The main focus will be music, dance and theatre. We also have activities like pottery, shadow play and basic expressions and acting,a�? he says. Besides these they also have arts and crafts, photography, creative writing, singing, music composing and dancing.

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    a�?We have workshops on miming and clowning. Last year, we did workshops on leadership through theatre, in collaboration with School of Success,a�? says Kumar, pointing out that the the team even worked with children from the fishermen community. a�?They had a special creche for children and when the parents were away, we got them to paint the entire creche,a�? he informs. As for the faculty members, most of the workshops for Happy Cow are conducted by people from Training Sideways, Evama��s sister concern that conducts workshops for corporates. a�?They brainstorm with me and Sunil and design the workshopsa�� curriculum,a�? concludesA� Kumar.
    Registration starts from Rs. 2,000, for workshops with 15 students and above. Till May end. Details: 9840236367

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