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    Hyderabad-based Shilpa Reddy takes her collection to New York for global fashion sensation, Jessica Minh Ahna��s Spring 2015 show. Set in a huge glass boat on the mighty Hudson river, with models strutting down a ramp that appears to be floating on water, we catch up with the designer ahead of her trip to NYC.

    Getting on the show.
    J model management does iconic fashion shows all over the world at exotic destinations inviting designers who represent their culture and heritage in their designs yet interpret them in a modern way. I blend a lot of Western elements into my designs with Indian touches represented in a contemporary way. I guess thata��s one of the reasons why I drew their attention.

    Inspiration for the collection.
    Ita��s called Floral Geometry and is inspired by ikkat and the blossoms of the spring. I have used the Pochampally weaves with Western silhouettes a�� think structured shoulders with peplums and dresses. Also Pochampalli jumpsuits, chic pant suits and skirt sarees in bright colours.

    Show stopper.
    The show stopper is a gown made of ikkat fabric with an embroidered cape. I wish to demonstrate how an Indian weave can be interpreted in a modern red carpet avatar.

    Working with Ahn.
    I was awestruck when I did the first show with her for J autumn 2014 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That felt magical. After that show, we bonded. She appreciates my design sensibilities and has even worn my outfits to the Paris and New York fashion weeks. I do have a lot of clients in New York, so taking my garments there feels like Ia��m going back home.

    Rs.20,000 upwards. At Collage, Wood Street. Details: 25566818


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