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    The success of the #100sareepact movement has given Indian designers, dealing in traditional weaves, a fresh impetus. And, Nilesh Jain, who runs a Mumbai-based bridalwear boutique called Mausam, is admittedly one of them.

    Jain has chosen Bangalore to show his new line of fusion saris in a three-day exhibition at Indiranagar boutique, Levitate. a�?I havena��t used any embroidery, glitter or embellishment on these saris. I have only fused different fabrics together. Fabrics and their textures are enough to lend elegance and class to saris. This is what I want to emphasise,a�? Jain tells us.

    On display will be 45 specially crafted handloom saris, created by fusing traditional textiles such as jute, Mangalgiri, kalamkari, ikat, Chanderi, tussar and more. And, he assures us that there is something for every sari-loving Bangalorean to look forward to. The highlight of this exhibition will be Jaina��s two-piece saris.

    a�?It is what it sounds like. There are two different pieces of cloth, which can be draped into a sari, as a lehenga or skirt,a�? explains Jain who claims to be a self-taught designer, and has a�?successfully experimented with the ideaa�? on his wife.
    Then there are two sets of blouse pieces each to go with 19 of these drapes. a�?These saris will include running blouses made by weavers. Additionally, I have designed a contrasting blouse for each. Contrast in terms of the colour and the fabric used. This will make the saris look versatile,a�? he says.

    Care has also been taken to make jute saris more comfortable to wear. a�?Jute as a fabric is a little hard on the skin. But my weavers and I worked out a process to make it softer,a�? says Jain, who has worked with weavers from West Bengal, Odisha and Tamil Nadu on this collection for over a month.
    `2,600-`8,000. August 7-9. At 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Details: 9448145071
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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