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A new generation of automobile enthusiasts, with the gift of art, is making cars their subject

When two passions cross paths, the results are bound to be spectacular. While cars are a creative expressions of their designers, these metal sculptures have also been an inspiration for artists around the world. Some paint on cars, but others simply choose to make art about the cars. Whatever the medium, the end results are always a piece of art with a set of wheels on it. We explore the works of three Indian artists, whose works are inspired by automobiles. For more on automotive art visit motorscribes.coma�� Muntaser Mirkar @BullSpeech


Whiter Wheels

A product designer by profession, Pratik Sharma has created over 200 works of art for premier auto clients like Mercedes and Audi. The longing to draw without the constraints of a design brief inspired him to take to canvas. With a solo exhibition at the New York Art Fair, Sharma sold his artworka��of a vintage Mercedes-Benz 300SLa��for `8 lakh. The artista��s subjects range from American muscle cars to German mammoths and elegant classics, to which he adds his own elements. The most striking feature in his works is the white space within the outlinesa��an invitation for the viewer to imagine the automobile in the colour that comes to their mind. Details: pratiksharma.com

Copper CarsDevesh Gour_Mahindra Thar

A scientist by profession, retirement was the perfect opportunity for Devesh Gour to indulge in his passion for automotive art. Goura��s art works have nothing to do with paints and canvases, but derive inspiration from the essence of the automoVidita Singh_The Continental and a Ladybilea��metal. Instead of using a paint brush or a writing instrument, he uses copper wires, which are woven on to cardboard by hand, to create a three-dimensional space in the final artwork. The more complicated the car design, the more copper is woven into the art, which is seeing a surge in interest among automotive enthusiasts and art connoisseurs. Details: manu.gour@gmail.com

A Royal Connection

The daughter of Rana Manvendra Singh of Barwani, one of the most popular vintage car collectors of the country, Vidita Singha��s passion for automotive art doesna��t come as a surprise. A work of photo-realism, Vidita produces works with oil on canvas, charcoal and watercolours, which visualise scenes from a bygone era. a�?There is a lot of nostalgia attached with my paintings. I usually juxtapose cars with the scene, which would have been obviously present in those days. For me, automobiles have a soul and I try to bring that out through my art,a�? says Vidita, whose works have been commissioned by civil servants and military officers to adorn their office walls. Details: viditasingh.com



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