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Forda��s new range of wearable technology aims to minimise driver error.

Wearable technology is now making its way to automobiles, too. Forda��s Research and Innovation Centre in Dearborn, Michigan, has a laboratory dedicated to the automotive wearables experiencea��where researchers are working on combining smart watch features with intelligent car systems.
Doctor on board
Their potential smart watch could pick up signs of a�?compromised healtha�?a��which means data on vitals like blood pressure and heart rate will be constantly fed to the car systems, which will, in turn, activate semi-autonomous driving features like lane-keeping assist and blind spot information system, if needed.
If a drivera��s heart rate goes up in the middle of traf fic, the car would increase the distance between the two vehicles, in order to allow for better reaction time.
Virtual next
The core areas of research concentrate on how to alert the driver in situations beyond the autonomous capabilities of the cara��like in the event of an accident on the road. In such an event, the communication to take back control of the car could be conveyed through a chime, a vibration from the smart watch or flashing lights on the dashboard. Another wearable device that Ford is working on is a set of glasses that reminds us of the much-disputed Google Glass, except that they would only be worn by customers at Ford dealerships. These would allow them to see the technical specifications ofA�different sections of the cars. A simulated test drive is in the offing, too.
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