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    International comic creators David Lloyd and Dan Parent get candid about their art and passions

    He decided to become a�?some sort of commercial artista�� when he was just nine, and it was clearly the right decision for David Lloyd a�� the illustrator of the iconic V for Vendetta graphic novel by Alan Moore. Channelling his flair for writing and drawing, along with his passion for films and television, Lloyd began with advertising art. Then he evolved into a strip creator. Telling us about the similarity between the Guy Fawkes look and V, Lloyd says it was a creative accident! a�?While brainstorming for a basic urban guerilla concept, we got to thinking, What if we made him a resurrection of Guy Fawkes a�� our historic failed revolutionary! Only this time, he succeeds!a�? he quips.


    Very critical of his work, Lloyd explains that it is important not to get crippled by your inadequacies. a�?You have to produce the best work you can do, whilst striving to better it all the time, if you can,a�? he shares, citing Vendetta, Kickback and Aces Weekly, his proudest creations. a�?Particularly Aces Weekly which I regularly read since I like what it is trying to achieve, and am very proud of the amazing creators who make it so good,a�? shares the creator.

    On his plans and the future of comics, Lloyd says Aces Weekly is a 24/7 job. a�?But the illusrtated avenue is happily widening in format and subject matter.A�Except for super-hero stuff which gives itself a makeover ever so often to stay fresh,a�? he says.

    Catch up with them at the Comic Con. Details: comicconA�bangalore.com

    DanParentCoverDAN PARENT
    He takes time off from working on a six-issue Betty and Veronica series where the girls leave Riverdale and new Kevin Keller series for 2015, to tell us more on his love for comics.

    What comics do you read today?
    The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke. And A�anything Amanda Conner works on. I also like to keep on top of whata��s going on with Superman and Batman in comics.

    Are you highly critical of your own work?
    Yes! In fact, I pretty much dismiss the first 15 years of work that I did at Archie!

    Editors VS fans.
    The fans are much easier to please! Ita��s an editora��s job to keep things in order, so of course, their demands are higher.

    Dominant current trends.
    The rise of digital comics and graphic A�novels and the decline of 32-page comics.

    Dream project.
    A Veronica and Wonder Woman team up!

    Politically correct Archies.
    We want Riverdale to be reflective of A�society in 2014. That is why we introduced a gay character and a disabled one.

    On killing of Archie.
    Since the book was going to come to an end, I think the editors thought that a A�permanent end would be fitting. A�And permanent it was!!

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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