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    Bacons, dots and a hummingbirda�� we take stock of celebs who love their ink

    David Beckham has 12, Johnny Depp sports 30, Angelina Jolie about 20, Dwayne Johnson an arm full, while Justin Beiber plays catch up. Tasteful or tacky, these celebrities spread the ink and we see how

    28Hollywood5bRing in good times
    Dax Shepard adds to his bevy of ink arts with the new masterpiece a�� a bell. Yes, it is a tribute to his pregnant wife, Kristen Bell, and we think it is adorable. A simple old-school bell, the new tattoo on his ring finger is a symbolic and literal ode to his love. Apparently, the actor, last seen in
    The Judge, alongside the Roberts a�� Duvall and Downey Jr, did it because he didna��t like jewellery. a�?But I felt obliged to warn all the men that Ia��m taken,a�? Shepard joked on an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a few months ago.

    Symbolic ode
    Jamie King, who was seen last in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, was spotted coming out of Dr Wooa��s studio post Halloween sporting a new tattoo which she only revealed on Instagram two weeks ago. Delicately inked on her rib cage are the lyrics to Jsu Garciaa��s song, The Master Calls, dedicated to a�?JRa�� in her post caption. John-Roger, the founder of the Movement Of Spiritual Awareness, whom King considers a mentor and inspiration, could be the person she dedicated it to. She also has a tattoo of a dagger, the symbol of a knight dedicated to her son James Knight, and a praying hands sign designed by Mark Mahoney, a celebrity tattoo artist.

    hollyBeing rash(er)
    While she looks like she could do with quite a few rashers more, Cara Delevingne has got the word a�?bacona�� on her foot, last month. Apparently it is an ode to her favourite salty snack which narrowly beat out cheese on a Twitter poll for her fans. The 22-year-old model paid a visit to her favourite New York City-based tattoo artist Bang Bang in order to add to her fast-expanding collection, 14 on last count, which includes her initials CJD (Cara Jocelyn Delevingne), a DD one matching fellow supermodel Jourdan Dunna��s, the seal on her foot affirming she is MADE IN ENGLAND, a Breathe Deep one and her first, a lion on her finger. There is also one on her chest: Dona��t Worry, Be Happy.

    Dotting the we
    She got hitched to Adam Levine earlier this year, and Behati Prinsloo clearly doesna��t want to ever forget she is married. The Victoriaa��s Secret supermodel has revealed a tattoo on her ring finger, comprising of just three dots, so even when she a�?takes her wedding ring off, there is still something therea��. And while it may seem random, the leggy lass revealed last week that it is a sign of faith and being one with the earth. We just think she knows Levinea��s ways too well to make it anything more prominent and permanent!ESPN The Magazine 5th Annual Body Issue PartyDaddya��s little girl

    Last month, Zelda Williams paid tribute to her late father Robin Williams by inking her hand at the popular Dr. Woo at Shamrock Social in Hollywood. She picked a hummingbird which signifies enjoyment of life and lightness of being which lies just above the birth date of her father. Zelda revealed the tattoo on Twitter where she wrote a poignant message which read: For poppo. Thank you to the incomparable @dr_woo_ssc for so beautifully bringing my reminders to life. Ia��ll always put my hand out to shake with a smile.




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