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Three destinations in the city for the best mulled wines

New Year and Christmas is the time when the aroma of baked cakes, cheese and cookies fill the air with a festive spirit. But what is a festival without a tall glass of wine, mulled wine, more specifically. This European drink, a blend of spices and raisins with wine (especially red), is always served hot. We list out places where one can find amazing mulled wines in the city

Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre
For encapsulating the holiday season, Marriott hotel near Hussain Sagar offers its guests the traditional Christmas beverage. The mulled wine in the hotel is prepared with a combination of honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, cloves, star anise, brandy and red wine. The mixture of brandy and other spices are first heated and then the red wine is added to make the perfect warm drink. The drink is served with sugar ginger slice. `750 plus taxes per glass. Details: 27522999

This hotel near Madhapur has three authentic flavours of mulled wines for its guests. The bar has Smoking Bishop (British), Gluhwein (German) and Greyano Vino (Bulagria) mulled wines. The British wine consists of cinnamon, cloves, mace and ginger with a race of ginger in the red wine. The German drink includes cinnamon, lemons, cloves, oranges, cardamom, granulated sugar and brandy mixed with dry red wine. The Bulgarian heated wine consists of red wine mixed in honey and peppercorn along with fruits like apples or oranges. `750 plus taxes per glass. Details: 67676767

Vivanta by Taj
Presenting its guests with smooth and medium bodied wine from the Sula Vineyards, this hotel in Begumpet uses Sula Cabernet Shiraz for preparing the mulled wine. The drink has orange, star anise, cinnamon with hints of cardamom, lemon, plum and black pepper. The spices are mixed together and heated before the wine is added which allows the drink to absorb the flavours from the mixture. `500 plus taxes per glass. Details: 67252626


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