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    Why you need to stock up on Shivan & Narresha��s swimsuits and neoprene lehengas.

    SIX years after they launched, Shivan & Narresh continue to be Indiaa��s only luxury beachwear brand. After all, the two young designers got top corporate women to take the sari to the beach on work trips a�� courtesy their bikini saris with pockets for essentials like a phone. Their customised swimwear appeals to different body types, and if you are a fan of cover-ups, you may have already invested in a colour-blocked pareo or a dress that easily makes the transition from pool to party. Plus, if money is no issue, there is the handcrafted swimsuit fashioned in their fabulous Italian jersey for Rs 1.5 lakh and above.
    Right now, the designers are busy taking their Destination Wedding collection to cities across the country. Calling their bride a confident and smart traveller,A� Narresh Kukreja, who has just turned 30, has a lot to say about their lehengas in new-age material, neoprene. It is dramatic wedding wear, requires no ironing and is lightweight, he insists. a�?The multi-billion dollar wedding industry needs to go beyond the wedding day,a�? he continues, adding that people are finally beginning to shop and pack wisely for their honeymoon. a�?Women usually tend to think of swimsuits in a unilateral way and often draw a blank when it comes to planning for those crucial eight to 10 days of a honeymoon. These are intimate days that set the foundation for the years ahead,a�? he adds with flourish. The designer observes that since Indian fashion has seen the same textiles for generations, he hopes to a�?shake it up a bit.a��a�� After all, this is the modern Indian bride we are talking about. The palette includes saffron, terracotta and cerulean besides the classic black, plus three prints influenced by French artist Henri Rousseau. A capsule collection for men is coming soon. Kukreja confirms that swimwear will always be their calling card. a�?We are in that sweet spot of being the only one in this industry,a�? he chuckles.

    The designers willA�be in the city on April 27.A�At Evoluzione, from next week. Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000.
    Details: 28333627

    Eye on the egg
    Dona��t miss their jewelled egg bags (pictured above), all collectibles, and fashioned from leather finished in an attractive crocodile grain. They come in croc green and black, though the latter from Lakme Fashion Week may not be ready in time for Chennai.
    Rs 55,000 onwards

    a�� Rosella Stephen


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